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Ackermann Arms specializes in antique and replica firearms, parts and accessories.

We offer a variety of gun smithing, repair and restoration services as well as stocking and custom gun building. Whether refurbishing a shooter or conserving a collectible, every project gets the same attention to detail.

We buy and sell individual pieces and whole collections. Please contact us with your questions, comments and wants. Discretion is assured.


W​ho are we?  Ackermann Arms was born out of Paul Ackermann’s lifetime of enthusiasm for history and historic artifacts. After graduating from a museum studies program when the field was still in its infancy Paul focused his passion towards a profession. First he served nearly 10 years with the National Park Service preserving such famous historic sites as the Home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Ellis Island Immigration Center and the Frederick W. Vanderbilt mansion.  For the last 25 years Paul served as Armorer and Conservator for the West Point Museum at the United States Military Academy from which he retired after nearly 35 years of public service as an historic preservationist. Today Paul and his wife Andrea travel around the gun show, black powder shoot and reenactment circuits meeting old and new customers on the weekends and spend weekdays knocking out custom work and repairs on a wide range of historic and replica arms and accessories. We look forward to every show we attend and every job we do. Feel free to contact us with questions or for advice.

Our email address has changed back to our old one:

2024 show schedule posted to our Services page.  Come and meet us!

Big News:

Well, bad news, is that due to inflation, (you know, that "transient" rise in consumer prices) we will have to set our prices a bit higher than we would like.  We'll do our best to keep things reasonable.  We haven't sold many muskets for a 4-digit price tag in past years, but those days are probably now over.  Unlike the big box pro fish outdoor stores we will have the guns we list for sale in stock.  We sell guns because we're not D*cks.

We regret to announce the passing of the original "Uncle Phil", Phillip Ackermann of Ackermann & Company. Uncle Phil was really my Uncle, (affectionately your Uncle, too, if he liked you) to who I owe a great debt of gratitude. He was a legend at reenactments and rendezvous for almost 60 years. He will be greatly missed and for me shows won't be the same. We have acquired his inventory of parts and patterns so please look for us, bigger and better.

We just purchased all the equipment of a Hudson Valley machine shop and are moving it to our new location near Cooperstown, NY.  OUR NEW SHOP IS NOW UP AND RUNNING!  Our new business address is P.O. Box 183, Cherry Valley, NY  13320,  607-264-2044,  All previous addresses and phone numbers are now disconnected.

Ackermann Arms is now a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer. Contact us to receive or deliver your FFL required transfers.

Ackermann Arms has gone green: reduce, reuse, & recycle your used firearms with us and you'll get some green!

Here's what people are saying about us:

Joel emailed: 

Thank you Paul. I loved the way you made that mainspring fit right in. I been bragging on your work to all the guys in the re-enactments. Got you on speed dial….

Thank you so much. You are the man. One heck of a machinist. Will get that right off

to you. This makes 2 good locks for a rifle that is discontinued. That’s what you call


"You've done it again! The lock is perfect. is a thousand times improved and actually useful now--Thank you ! Tim

Check out Paul Ackermann at He has worked on my flinter, and the man is a genius.

Tweesdad on Modern Muzzleloader Forum says:

Just got the Bess back from Paul Ackermann at Ackermann Arms. Other than the fact that he tuned the lock, did a full detail strip and clean, polished all bearing surfaces, and polished out the scratches that I was worried about, he didn't do much. He even reduced the trigger pull from 16 1/2 to 6 pounds, without affecting the reliability of the musket. This guy is better than I ever could have imagined. He was honest enough to tell me that there is nothing wrong with the frizzen, and I should leave it alone. He didn't want me to be wasting money on something that wasn't needed. If you need any work done, I can think of no one else that can hold a candle to him. If you are interested in such things, he also has custom guns available. (He's got a fowler to die for.) Thought that you all might be interested.

And we get letters:

Wow, Susan, what a great testimonial--thank you!

"The rammers were delivered on Friday. They fit perfectly! I also re-installed the locks you repaired and they work great in their respective muskets…showers of sparks.

Thank you very much for your quick, expert service. I’m very glad to have all my muskets in top working order once again. I know I’ll call upon you again when needed and will recommend your services to others, too."

Peter wrote:

"A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT! Now I can actually shoot this piece in comfort and know that it will go off reliably. HUZZAH!"

And finally, Jeff said:

"Love the musket. She has a good home and is quite a happy gun. So am I by the way. :) Thanks again brother. I appreciate your working with me!"

And we also get phone calls:

"You know that bayonet you sold me? Fits like a glove! Thank you."

Ackermann Arms receives Outstanding Display Award for "Arms Makers of Middletown, Connecticut" at the Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Society's December show. Thank you to all who stopped by to chat with us!

We continue to stock Tom Fuller English flints as large as 12/8 and most sizes French blond flint.

We stock most parts for Japanese and Italian replica Brown Bess and Charleville muskets as well as many parts from The Rifle Shoppe. Contact us to confirm immediate availability.

Ackermann Arms has recently acquired the inventory of the late Ed Woodland's gun shop.  Ed was a traditional gun maker from eastern Pennsylvania. We are very grateful to Rosemary Woodland for this opportunity to continue to meet all your unique needs. 

A sampling of guns, gun parts and shooting supplies has now been posted to our site. Items are constantly coming and going--please e-mail or call to check availability and pricing.


For a quick turn around we use USPS Priority Mail when shipping parts, locks or even whole guns!  Flat rate boxes start at $12.00 with tracking and two day delivery.

If you send us your lock and we can't fix it we will send it back at our expense.

Please clean your dirty guns and locks before you send them!

Thank you for visiting!

Please check back for updates to our new website, there's much more to come!

Member: National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, National Rifle Association, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Brigade of the American Revolution, American Artillery Assoc., New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Association, Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Society, Maryland Arms Collectors.

Updated 18 April 2024

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