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Thank you for perusing our inventory.  Items are constantly coming and going—please e-mail or call to check availability.  We buy worn out and broken guns, too—tell us what you've got for sale or trade!

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Replica Firearms
1750's Style Horseman's Carbine  $725  SOLD
Well made custom smoothbore flintlock in .69 caliber, utilizes Brown Bess furniture and a round wrist scutcheon, stocked to the muzzle, no nose cap, wood ramrod, barrel and lock browned, a proper sling bar is available at no extra cost.  This one might have started life as an English fusil kit?  In any case it's nice and hardly used.

"Canoe Gun" by Jacki Brown  $550
Lightly used, L&R flintlock, 20 gauge = .615 smooth bore, browned 24" barrel and plain iron furniture, simple full length stock with wood ramrod and light as a feather.

Sharps Rifle by Armi Sport  $1400
New and unfired with Taylor's & Co. instructions booklet, .54 caliber sharpshooter rifle with patch box and sling.

1841 Mississippi Rifle by EuroArms  $600
Excellent condition, fired but not much, .58 caliber, NSSA approved.

1861 Springfield by Armi Sport  $800  SOLD
New, unused with bayonet, but no box.

.50 DGW Tennessee Percussion Rifle  $650
Iron mounted with set triggers, new condition and appears little used or maybe unfired.

.45 Flintlock Rifle  $650
Plain full stock, iron mounted, L&R lock, Green Mountain barrel, set triggers, very good condition.

1858 2-Band Enfield by Parker-Hale  $750
N-SSA prize awarded in 1977, used in competition but super clean.

Antique Firearms
Austrian Model 1839 Musket  $950
Imported by US and converted by Leyman to percussion for Civil War use, .69 caliber with bayonet, dated 1846, great condition and still a shooter!

Please contact us for photos and detailed descriptions. 
We also maintain want lists and accept consignments.

Replica Gun Parts & Kits
Assembled Locks
Japanese Brown Bess
Italian Brown Bess
Japanese 1766 Charleville
Italian 1766 Charleville
Most Davis, L&R, Siler, and some odd ones.
Lock Kits
TRS #737 French Dragoon Carbine
TRS #540 French Dragoon Pistol w/ Furniture
TRS #593 1760 Light Infantry Fusil
TRS #576 French 1754 Musket
TRS #542B ‘Willets’ Brown Bess Musket
TRS #542B ‘Tower’ Brown Bess Musket
TRS #542B ‘Woldridge’ Brown Bess Musket
TRS #671 'Wilson' New York Contract Brown Bess Musket
TRS #718 Dutch Wall Gun w/ Furniture & Stock
1.050 Wall Gun 54"
.75 Getz 42”
.65 Getz 42”
.69 Getz 48” Oct to Round
16ga. Getz 42”
16ga. Getz 41”
16ga. Getx 31”
20ga. Getz 43”
28ga. Getz 41”
20ga. Collerain 42” Oct to Round
Pedersoli Brown Bess Ramrod
Japanese Brown Bess Ramrod
Pedersoli Charleville Ramrod
Japanese Charleville Ramrod
Brown Bess Long Land Tapered Ramrod
Brown Bess Short Land Tapered Ramrod
Charleville Button Head Ramrod
7/16 Wood Ramrod
3/8 Wood Ramrod
5/16 Wood Ramrod
Ramrod Tip – Ball Puller/Jag Combination .75 cal.
Ramrod Tip – Brass Musket Size
Ramrod Tip – Threaded Rifle Size
Trigger Guards
Decorated – Brass
English Style – Brass
French Style – Steel or Brass
Rifle – Brass
Butt Plates
Decorated – Brass
English Style – Brass
French Style – Steel or Brass
Rifle – Brass
‘Twigg’ w/ Bayonet and Trapdoor
Side Plates
Decorated – Brass
English Style – Brass
French Style – Steel
Rifle – Brass
Wrist Escutcheons
Decorated – Brass or Silver
English Style – Plain
Barrel  Bands
French Front
French Middle
French Rear
French Dragoon – Brass
Front – Brass
Middle – Brass
Rear – Brass
Nose Caps – Brass
Toe Plates – Brass
Patch Boxes
Patch Box Kit – Brass
Patch Box Door – Brass
Pistol Kits
Bicentennial Tower
Tinder Lighter
In addition we stock hundreds of parts for flintlocks big and small:  springs, sears, screws, frizzens, plates, cocks, tumblers…just ask.
Tools & Accessories
Flash Guards
Flash Guard – Steel
Flash Guard – Brass
Rifle Flash Guard – Pedersoli
Rifle Flash Guard – Siler
and left handed, too!
Wisk & Pick
Combination Tool
Turn Key
Pickering Tool
British Style Y-Tool
Spring Clamp
Oiler - Brass
Hammer Stall – Large
Hammer Stall – Small
Thread Adapters - 10-32, 8-32, Shotgun
Thread Adapter for Military Ramrod
Cleaning Jag – Specify Caliber
Breech Scraper – Specify Caliber
Mop – Specify Caliber
Bore Brush – Specify Caliber
11/2” Square Flannel Patches
3” Square Flannel Patches
Range/cleaning rods
French 1717 – Casting
French 1728 – Casting
French 1763 – Finished
French – X-long, Bottom Lug, Finished
British Brown Bess – Casting
British Brown Bess – Finished
Musket Sling – Sliding Buckle – Specify Black or Natural
Musket Sling – Sliding Buckle X-long – Specify Black or Natural
Musket Sling – Buckle – Specify Black or Natural
Musket Sling – Buckle X-long – Specify Black or Natural
Bayonet Scabbards
Waist Belt with Double Frog
Leather Thongs
Lock Covers
Gun Socks – X-long
Quantity pricing available--please inquire.
Shooting Supplies
Flint - 12/8"
Flint - 10/8
Flint – 9/8"
Flint – 8/8”
Flint – 6/8”
Flint – 5/8”
Flint – 4/8"
Flint – 3/8”
Flint – 2/8"
Lead Flint Cap
Wooden Snapper
Flint and Tool Wallet
Lead Ball
.735 Lead Ball
.727 Lead Ball
.690 Lead Ball
.678 Lead Ball
.662 Lead Ball
.600 Lead Ball
.548 Lead Ball
.495 Lead Ball
.490 Lead Ball
.440 Lead Ball
.395 Lead Ball
.310 Lead Ball
Cartridge Former - Musket Caliber
Loading Block – Hardwood – Specify Caliber
Shot Pouch with Stopper
Powder Horn Parts
Powder Horn End Plug
Powder Horn Stopper
Powder Horn Nozzle – Brass
Powder Horn Nozzle – Steel
Large Cow Horn
Small Cow Horn
Powder Measure – Large
Powder Measure – Small
Powder Measure – Pistol
Powder Flask – Brass
Powder Can Pouring Spout
Priming Flask
Priming Horn
Knife Parts
Cross Guards – Brass
Related Items
Empty Tins – Brass, Steel, Copper
Shoe Grease in Tin
Fishing Kit in Tin
Fire Starting Kit in Tin
Fire Striker with Flint
Tobacco Twist
Brass Compass
Pocket Knife
Folding Fork and Spoon in Pouch
Spoon – Horn
Spoon – Wood
Cup – Tin
Cup – Horn
Dark Green Glass Bottle
Sewing Kit – Antler
Leather Wallet
Deck of Cards
Dice – Wood with Tax Stamp
Past Inventory (for price comparison)
Replica Firearms
.50 Pennsylvania Flintlock Rifle  $700  SOLD
Brass mounted Lancaster style flintlock rifle, wooden patch box, set triggers, nicely carved stock, made from a TVM kit.  Signed on barrel "J. Garner".

Brown Bess, Italian  $900  SOLD
Very early Bicentennial commemorative in new, unfired condition.  This has the crest of the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers engraved in the wrist escutcheon and a soldier's name engraved in the butt plate tang.  If you don't want the markings the escutcheon can be replaced and the butt plate tang filed clean.  Lesser quality new made ones are at least $1200 now!

.45 Percussion Rifle  $150  SOLD
Spanish "Jukar" percussion rifle.  An oldie but a goodie starter gun.

.45 Flintlock Rifle  $450  SOLD
Italian "Ardesa" full stock flintlock rifle with set triggers and brass inlays and patch box, excellent condition.

Brown Bess, Italian  $850  SOLD
Kit gun completely assembled and ready to shoot but sill in the white (i.e. you need to sand and polish the brass and finish the wood.)  New, never used, very well assembled by someone who knew how to do it right.  You can put your own touches on this one when you finish it.

Large collection of cap and ball revolvers  $225-250
All unfired, mostly Pietta, some Uberti and ASM.  We are still inventorying them so e-mail or call with wish list.
2 - 1860 Army, brass framed, .44, $225 each  SOLD
1860 Army, steel framed, case colors, white grips, .44, $250   SOLD
1861 Navy, brass framed, .44, $225  SOLD
1858 New Model, steel framed, .44, $250  SOLD
1858 New Model, Nickel plated steel, .44, $250  SOLD
More to come....

Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
Another one from the good old days, very clean with a honey blond stock.  This one hasn't seen much use at all.

Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
Just came in, very good clean condition, Bicentennial era made with a blond stock, bright metal and sparks great--just like all of the Japanese ones do.

Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
Also just came in, also very good clean condition, Bicentennial era made with a darker varnish on the stock and bright metal, another good sparker.

Brown Bess by Pedersoli  $950  SOLD
Brand new, frizzen struck once but never fired, no box, clean, clean clean.  Nothing more to be said but "wow, what a deal!"

Fusil de Chasse by Center Mark  $750  SOLD
37 inch single wedding band octagonal to round 20 gauge barrel, good sparking Davis French Fusil lock, wooden rammer, iron mounted.  Used but fantastic condition.
1853 3-Band Enfield by Euroarms  $750  SOLD
New, lightly if ever used (can't tell), clean and as new finish and wood.

Model 1842 by ArmiSport  $900  SOLD
New, never used, smooth bore, bright shiny barrel and crisp wood, from same collection as previous two guns.  

1861 Springfield  $400  SOLD
Not sure who made this one but it's a good beginning re-enactor gun or unit loaner.  Metal brown and stock repaired at wrist, and priced accordingly.

1863 Remington Zouave by Zoli  $450  SOLD
New, never used, with a used saber bayonet and scabbard.

1766 Charleville  $600  SOLD
New, never used, bright and shiny from Middlesex Trading Post.

Flintlock Fowler by TVM  $900  SOLD
20 ga., really well made and weighty, shows very little use, super clean with a very robust leather and woven sling.

TC Pennsylvanian Rifle  $300  SOLD
.50 caliber, percussion, fiber optic sights, new or near new but no box.

TC Pennsylvanian Rifle  $275  SOLD
.50 caliber, percussion, new or near new but no box.

Green River Hawken Style Rifle  $150  SOLD
Vintage .50 caliber percussion rifle, good condition, these were one of the very few commercially made rifles at the re-birth of black powder enthusiasm.

1763 (actually 1766) Charleville  $900  SOLD
Japanese made, nice clean condition, c.1980, it still has packing grease in the mechanism.  I'm trying to decide if its unfired or has been fired once.  Call it “near new.”

Spanish Made Kentucky Pistol  $130  SOLD
Sparks good, nice condition, used but totally serviceable, .45 cal.

Pedersoli Frontier Flintlock Rifle  $650  SOLD
Browned .36 cal. barrel and set triggers, very little use, frizzen has been struck a few times but does not appear to have been shot with ball too many times if at all.  A couple of scratches in browning and handling marks in wood but none disfiguring.  Over $900 from another "major" gun works, but I bought it fair so you can buy it fair.

Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
Just came in, very very good clean condition, early Bicentennial model and sparks great--just like all of the Japanese ones do.

British Officers Fusil Kit by Northstar West  $900
These are GREAT kits and I understand they are no longer in business!  New in packaging, no one screwed it up yet, with all parts including instructions--save $300 over list price.  These kits are well suited to the beginner with moderate skills and basic shop tools.  62 caliber version of a Brown Bess.

CVA Percussion Rifle  $275  SOLD
32 inch .50 caliber browned barrel, near new and probably unfired but some dark spots on top of barrel from display, no box.  I'm not married to it--make me a good offer and she's yours.

Lyman Flintlock Trade Rifle  $295  SOLD
.50 caliber in new condition, no box, a few scratches in the stock from show-n-tell in the shop.  Not married to this one either, just need her to go away.

Italian Flintlock Kentucky Pistol  $230
Sparks fine and probably unused, near perfect with blued .45 cal. barrel and no damage to wood.  

Pair of Williamsburg Made British Dragoon Pistols
$1500 pair or $800 each  SOLD
New condition, unfired, locks marked Watkeys, serial numbered to 1980's.  None nicer, photos upon request.

Pair of Colt Walker Dragoon Revolvers  $1600.00
Consecutive serial numbered pair of Uberti made 1st Model Colt Walker Dragoon Revolvers marked Co. A, each with three cylinders serial numbered to the guns, gorgeous mint condition, perfect case hardening colors, regrettably no box.  These were designated the official handgun of Texas.  A limited run of a few hundred of this quality were made, we will not break up the pair.  As always, photos upon request.

Model 1863 Springfield  $500.00  SOLD
Navy Arms made in Japan.  Super shape, bright metal and nice wood, looks to be unused.

1763 (actually 1766) Charleville  $1050.00  SOLD
Japanese made, new condition, c.1980, evidence of one flint strike but never used.  Far nicer than the Italian replica (IMO) and $300 less!  Sorry, no original box.

Brown Bess, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Just came in and not Italian made as previously reported but an older Bicentennial model in great condition and little used.  Honey colored stock near perfect and brass slightly tarnished, steel shows some speckling which we are polishing.  All in all great shape ready to use.

1757 Spanish Musket, Made in Spain  $700  SOLD
Used but in good condition, brown metal with good wood, functions fine and no damage, from the 1970's/1980's and no longer made.

1777 Charleville Musket  $950  SOLD
Pedersoli, new in the box, never used., with bayonet, nothing more to say.  $1300+ elsewhere!

Officers Fusil Kit by Northstar West  $900  SOLD
Exactly as offered on their website with all parts including instructions--straight out of their shop except you don't have to wait! Save $200 over their list price.  These kits are well suited to the beginner with moderate skills and basic shop tools.  62 caliber.

1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $950 SOLD
Japanese Charleville, unused, new and never sparked, you don't find these too often anymore.

Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
Very good condition, shiny metal and great stock.  Sparks great--like all of the Japanese ones do.

Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
And another one, very good condition, shiny metal and great stock.

Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $850  SOLD
Very, very good condition, looks unused, shiny metal and great walnut stock.  Really early production, I should keep it!

Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $690  SOLD
Very good condition, little used, shiny metal and great walnut stock with a few handling scratches in finish.  Maybe early 1990's production?  Ready to go right out of the box.

Hopkins and Allen Underhammer  $350  SOLD
New, never used, .45 Cal.

Brown Bess, Italian  $800  SOLD
Very early Pedersoli in very good solid condition.  This one was made before they were import marked or serial numbered, so no de-farbing required.  Has a Stowe lock.

Pennsylvania Rifle by David Motto  $950  SOLD
42 inch .50 caliber Green Mountain barrel, Davis flintlock, single trigger with crisp release, and a well figured piece of wood.  The brass furniture contrasts nicely with the browned barrel and lock, and a well polished dark stock finish accentuates the lighter colored figure in the wood.  Nicest looking rifle I probably ever had!  Like new.

Brown Bess, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Bicentennial-era Japanese Bess, near new, clean with no rust, blond wood, great sparking, right out of the 1970's!
1766 Charleville, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Excellent condition, good sparking, bright metal and nice stock finish.  Another one ready to go right out of the box.
1766 Charleville, Japanese  $700  SOLD
Real early one, solid and fine working but dark metal and wood.  Not rusty or pitted, just looks like an original!
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $999  SOLD
New in the box with video and all paperwork.  I hate 4 digit prices so we'll keep it under a grand.  Save $300 over Cabellas or DGW!
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $750  SOLD
Used but well taken care of, clean and bright.  Needs nothing.
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $650  SOLD
A fine functioning musket that some one sanded and polyurethaned the stock.  Metal is clean, but stock sanding took off some detail.
It would make a good loaner musket for a unit.
Late 18th C. Style PA Rifle by Jack Hansberry, aka "PWT" of West Park, NY $1200 SOLD
One of his 1990's creations with 40 inch .50 cal. Green Mtn barrel, double set triggers, Siler lock, brass furniture. Great sparking, reliable, smooth action lock, nicely seasoned barrel. Ready for the hunt and matches.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
This may be the earliest Japanese Bess I've ever had.  Almost new, frizzen struck only a couple times, not sure if it ever saw powder.  Clean and ready to go!
Brown Bess, Japanese  $650  SOLD
Older bicentennial musket that has been defarded and had the modern marks removed except for the serial number.  Used a lot but not abused, well serviceable, no cracks.
CVA Percussion Rifle  $200  SOLD
Kit gun but built right, .45 caliber, never shot but ready to shoot by you.
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $925  SOLD
New and unused, perfect condition, no box so you save $300 over Cabella's and Dixie Gun Works!
Brown Bess, Japanese  $950  SOLD
Brand new, never has seen a flint or powder, like right out of the box in 1976!  Brightly polished steel and brass, nice walnut colored stock, not a scratch or blemish on it.  Probably the nicest one I ever had.
Brown Bess Carbine, Pedersoli  $750  SOLD
Brand new, never used, but someone just had to put a flint in it and strike the frizzen a couple times.  Factory browned barrel and case colored lock--very nice looking.  DGW sells this at almost $1400! but I'll let it go for almost half that.  I bought it good so you get a good deal.
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $925  SOLD
Brand new, never seen a flint or had the trigger pulled, no box so you save $300 over Cabella's and Dixie Gun Works!
Brown Bess, Japanese  $750  SOLD
Good condition, good sparker, had serial number and 'Japan' markings removed from barrel, used but not abused.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $500  SOLD
Been around the block more than once but very serviceable.  Stock solid, lock fine, barrel very brown with age.  Almost looks like an original!
Hatfield Rifle  $800  SOLD
45 caliber, percussion, full length stock, adjustable set triggers, browned, 1980's? production, no longer made.  Near new condition, fired a couple of times, with Hatfield cloth gun sock, nice white metal inlays, perfect wood, did I mention near new?
Tennessee Squirrel Rifle, DGW  $400  SOLD
32 caliber, percussion, adjustable set triggers, vintage Dixie Gun Works 1978, new and unfired condition.
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $800  SOLD
Very good condition, good sparking lock, stock is a nicer piece of walnut than most.  Comes with sling, hammer stall, and flash guard. Ready for action!
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $800  SOLD
Near new condition, early 1970's production with high polish barrel.
I got a decent deal on it and you will, too.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Very good condition, a solid piece good for years of service, sparks like crazy, you'll have no regrets.
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $800  SOLD
Very good condition, nice finish and polish, good sparking lock. Ready for action!
Brown Bess, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Good sparker, clean, little used, with typical blond stock. Last one in a string of lucky finds!
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $850  SOLD
Almost new, maybe fired once, clean and shiny and ready for action.
This one appears to be of an earlier manufacture as evidenced by their better fit and finish back then.
Pennsylvania Rifle  $1500  SOLD
Beautiful rifle made by D. Christiansen in the early 1980's--few nicer. Swamped 38 inch 8 groove .60 caliber barrel with relieved muzzle, Davis Germanic lock, double set triggers tuned to the lightest touch,
sliding patch box, sling swivels, "J.E." scripted wire inlay on cheek. Email me for photos and I'll tell you more about the maker and J.E.
1842 Musket  $800  SOLD
Navy Arms, smooth bore, new and appears unfired. Bright metal and perfect wood. Around $950 from Dixie Gun Works.
1853 3-Band Enfield  $750  SOLD
EuroArms, probably unfired, clean, clean, clean.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $900  SOLD
New, bright, frizzen never struck & unfired! Old bicentennial wall hanger with the dust to prove it. Tough to find in this condition.
Tower Pistol from Bicentennial  $200  SOLD
Redone to look more authentic, darkened stock, reprofiled ramrod,
lock funtions well.
Blunderbuss Kit  $650  SOLD
Stonewall Creek Outfitters kit: Chambers lock, Mike Lea inletted walnut stock, Rayl barrel and all the fixin's. It may not be the longest smoke pole, but it packs a punch!! You just need to assemble it.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $750  SOLD
Used, very clean, good sparker and nice wood w/dark finish.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Almost new condition with very bright metal, a few dark spots on breach and lock plate, light colored wood & little used.
Brown Bess, Italian  $950  SOLD
Brand new, frizzen struck once but never fired, with tags and in the plastic but no box, nothing more to be said but 'wow' what a deal!
Brown Bess, Japanese  $700  SOLD
Used, clean, well serviceable.
Flintlock Virginia Rifle  $800  SOLD
Very well made Cabin Creek kit, 42 inch .50 cal. swamped barrel, Siler lock, middle grade maple stock with simple line carvings.
Flintlock Trade Fowler, LEFT HAND  $850  SOLD
Made by Caywood, $1800 new, 32" 20 guage (.62) barrel, shot once with 20 balls, perfect condition, light, really good lock, perfect for the for the lefty lady in your life!
1863 Springfield Rifle Musket  $650  SOLD
Older Navy Arms repro made in Japan, lighter and more faithful reproduction than the newer Italian ones, clean & bright, a shooter.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
Almost new condition with very bright metal, a few dark spots on breach and lock plate, light colored wood & little used if at all.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $600  SOLD
Very good functioning but rusty from damp storage.  Sparks great, nice dark walnut colored wood and ready for the field.  I've cleaned it but the pitting is obvious.
1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $750  SOLD
Japanese Charleville, little use if at all, good sparker, blond colored stock.
1742 Brown Bess Kit from Track of the Wolf  $850  SOLD
Everything you need--Willets lock, walnut stock and 46" barrel, brass furniture, scerws, ramrod, pins.....all parts including lock are cast and require finishing and assembly.  New, not worked on, almost $1K if bought from Track!  Get it all with one stop shopping.
1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $800
Japanese Charleville, hardly if at all used, excellent wood and strong springs.  Needs a quick polish with 3-0 steel wool and oil.
16th C. Wheel Lock by Leonard Day  $1600  SOLD
Yes--wheel lock.  New, unfired 20 ga. wheel lock with spanner and pyrites.  Makes a white hot spark.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $850  SOLD
Near new condition with bright metal, light wood & little used, with bayonet and sling.  Stock has been varnished.
1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $600  SOLD
Japanese Charleville, not used much, good sparker, urethaned blond colored stock, not rusted but not shiney.  You polish and save $.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $400  SOLD
Been around the block and well used, but serviceable.  Poorly refinished stock but not cracked, good lock, would make a cheap unit loaner or beginner musket.  Don't expect a miracle but it will go bang!
1763 Charleville Musket  $950  SOLD
Pedersoli Charleville, brand new, unused, missing the box. 
$1350 from anyone else--only $950 from me.  Save $400!
1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $750  SOLD
Japanese Charleville, little used, blond colored stock, bright metal with minor rust sposts.
1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $800 SOLD
Brand new never fired, no wear or damage, bright and shiny, right out of the box, latter production with bayonet lug on the bottom of the barrel.  Marked DGW and Japan.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Another one, like new condition with bright metal, light wood & little used if at all.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $750  SOLD
Like new condition with bright metal, light wood & little used if at all.
1863 Remington 'Zouave' Rifle  $300  SOLD
Made in Italy by Armi Jager, a clean shooter, not minty but not bad.  Priced to sell.
1853 Enfield  $400  SOLD
Euroarms, very clean or maybe new, not sure.  Again, priced to sell.
1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $950  SOLD
Brand new never fired, no wear or damage, bright and shiny, right out of the box, very early bicentennial piece with no markings, super good strong spring just don't see these any more and none nicer!
1763 (actually 1766) Charleville Musket  $750  SOLD
Very good condition, bright with very little use, another early bicentennial piece with no markings, Japanaese import before Dixie and Navy Arms started competing and hense marking their respective products--both the exact same maker (Miroku), mind you!
Fusil de Chasse  $700  SOLD
38 inch single wedding band octagonal to round 20 gauge barrel, good sparking Davis French Fusil lock, wooden rammer, iron mounted.  Used but good condition.  Pics upon request.
Fusil de Chasse  $800  SOLD
37 inch single wedding band octagonal to round 20 gauge barrel, good sparking Davis French Fusil lock, wooden rammer, iron mounted.  Used but good condition.  Pics upon request.
M1777 Charleville by Pedersoli  $700  SOLD
Near new condition.
Brown Bess, Pedersoli  $800  SOLD
Almost new, brightly polished steel and brass, perfect finish, no wear.
Ready for re-enactment and live shooting. 
Pennsylvania Style Fowler  $900  SOLD
Just built and still in the white, .62 cal. 42" octagon to round barrel with slight flare at muzzle, large Siler lock, rifle style butt plate with faceted tang, acorn trigger guard finial, 2 plain thimbles, plain maple stock.  Easily finished or I will do for a reasonable fee.
Pedersoli M1766 Charleville  $900  SOLD
Nearly new condition and a great sparker!  Bright metal and beautifully finished wood.  Exhibits no wear, rust or powder staining.
Pennsylvania Rifle, 1770's  Style  $950  SOLD
.54 cal. 42" barrel, grade 4 maple stock with moderate curl, brass mounted and with patch box, Davis lock, adjustable set trigger, maker unknown but properly done and with good craftsmanship.  Super price for a custom made rifle.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $800  SOLD
Almost new, brightly polished steel and brass, perfect finish, soled frizzen makes a shower of white hot sparks!
CVA St. Louis Hawkins Kit  $250  SOLD
Unbelievably easy project.  Comes with two barrels .50 & .54 and shooting accessories.  Box and styrofoam packing is trashed but it is all there for you to build.
Brown Bess, Japanese  $750  SOLD
Yet another, good condition, sparks great and ready for the field.
Brown Bess, Japanese kit  $650  SOLD
Brand new mid-1970's kit ready to assemble, the original owner removed the markings from the lock plate making it perfect for a unique project, sorry--no box.
Brown Bess, earliest import from Japan  $800 SOLD
Another one, this is one of the very first and proof marked!  Pre-bicentennial history, brightly polished and next to never used.
Brown Bess, early import from Japan  $800  SOLD
When it rains it pours--this one was never used, clean and bright, sparks like a high voltage line!  I'm a bit deeper into this one than the last so.....still a fair deal.
Brown Bess, early import from Japan  $700  SOLD
Hardly used, clean and mirror bright.
1863 Springfield, Dixie Gun Works, Japan  $400  SOLD
Re-enactor gun, rusty finger prints on barrel and lock--will polish nicely with some elbow grease--you clean it special!
Brown Bess, "Stowe" lock, Pedersoli  $900  SOLD
Appears unused, frizzen struck a few times.
Jaeger Rifle made by Jurgen Kreckel  $1800  SOLD
.62 cal., Davis Germanic lock, very well made, simple decoration, sling included.
Antique Firearms
Militia Musket  $600  SOLD
Simple iron furniture, 1816 barrel, percussion lock, faux striped stock using the old gun makers' trick of charring rope.  Looks like an 1816 but made in percussion, probably for enrolled or common militia service in the 1840-1850 era.

Aston Model 1842 Pistol  $550  SOLD
Dated 1850, super nice markings, speckled metal, and solid wood with no cracks.

Model 1812 Springfield Musket $900 SOLD
Dated 1815 on lock (first year of production), converted to percussion using Leyman method, original ramrod, clean stock with great finish, rates excellent or better.
1793 Pattern Brown Bess  $1500  SOLD
Early goose-neck cock Tower lock, ordnance marked 39" barrel, stock has all view, proof and storekeeper's marks, cheek piece cut into comb and sighting line cut into barrel typical of American use.  This musket was issued by the British for Canadian militia use in 1808-1810 and is marked 18 BA and M, possibly captured during the War of 1812 and reissued for American use.  Possible reconversion but if so very well done and fully functional.
Whitney "Good and Serviceable" 1816 Musket  $1500  SOLD
Completely unmarked and in original flint, very clean stock and furniture all in correct proportion to 38" barrel typical of those cut short by Whitney due to failed muzzle inspections, most likely sold as a state or private militia service musket c. 1840, fully functional.
1808 Musket by Asa Waters  $700  SOLD
Massachusetts militia contract musket by Waters marked MP over RS 1817, unmarked lock converted to percussion by drum and nipple method, full length stock with all furniture, very good condition. Waters delivered 300 muskets in 1817 to close out his 1808 contact prior to starting his 1816 contract.
Wickham 1816 Lock  $400  SOLD
Unused mint condition, nothing more to say.
Snyder-Enfield type II**, dated 1861  $600  SOLD
Super clean, fine bore, well marked, made at Enfield.
1966 Allin Conversion, Second Model  $500  SOLD
Cracked wrist but well repaired and hardly noticeable, nice markings.
Brown Bess Lock, early East India Company  $250  SOLD
Pitted but complete and fully functional.
M.1878 Vetterli, Bern Switzerland  $200  SOLD
Very clean gun, poor bore.
Martini-Henry MKIV/1 (long lever)  $600  SOLD
Very good, no rust, with sling, muzzle cover and adapter to shoot
45 Long Colt.
US Model 1892 Krag updated to Model 1896  $800  SOLD
Very good condition, broken and expertly repaired wrist, 1894, serial number 7 (yes, No. 7).
Antique Firearm Accessories
English 19th Century rifle slings, leather  $15 ea.  SOLD OUT
Super condition, long sling with sliding loop and thong as used on 1860's Enfield and conversions, Martini-Henry, Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfield into WWI, etc.
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